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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being asked for my IBAN or BIC?
The law stipulates that every player account needs to be linked with a real bank account, which is why we have asked you to enter your IBAN or BIC here. These bank details are only used if you want the money you withdraw from your TurboPoker account to be transferred to your bank account. They can never be used to make a deposit. Please note that due to the French regulation restriction, the only allowed method of withdrawal is a bank wire to the bank account details registered on your TurboPoker.fr account.

How do I create a player account?
If you would like to create a TurboPoker.fr account, click here and follow the instructions; it only takes a few seconds!

How do I validate my player account?
You have a maximum of 60 days to validate your account and it is compulsory that you do so. We ask that you send us a copy of your ID and your IBAN or BIC by email to documents@turbopoker.fr.

I've opened my account, made a deposit, played and won, but I still can't make a withdrawal. Why?
You still haven't validated your account. This means that it still has provisional status, meaning that you can make deposits and play, however, you do not have the option of withdrawing your winnings. Did you definitely send the required documents during account validation? You will find all the details for this in your account. Log into the TurboPoker software now and click on "My Account" => "My Profile" and "Activation".

I have sent all the required documents but my account has still not been validated, why?
If your documents have been received and validated by customer service, a 4 digit code will have been sent to the address that you provided when you opened your account. You can change this address by clicking on "My Account". Your account will remain provisional until the 4 digit code has been entered on the site. Please contact customer service if you have not received the code.

Why has my account been closed?
These are the most likely reasons:
- Temporary suspension: you did not send the documents required to validate your account within 30 days of opening your account.
- Permanent closure: you did not send the documents required to validate your account within 60 days of opening your account or you didn't use your validation code within 6 weeks of it being sent to you.
- Permanent closure due to fraud (collusion, chip dumping etc…)or because you have behaved inappropriately in the chat feature.

Is it possible to play using several accounts and names?
The law states that players are only authorised to own one account each. You therefore do not have the right to open several accounts.

How do I change my user name?
You cannot change your user name because it allows you to be identified by the TurboPoker community. However, you can change your avatar.

I have been warned about my behaviour on chat. What did I do wrong?
You are encouraged to express yourself using our chat feature. However, we ask you to abide by the following rules:
- It is forbidden to use offensive, defamatory, threatening, violent, racist or profane language or any other content that violates a law or which could be generally considered as abusive.
- Certain words will be censored automatically.
- Players are not permitted to ask other players for real or play money.
- Players will be banned from using chat if they are found to be advertising or posting repeat abusive messages.
- French is the only language permitted in chat.
If you have experienced abusive comments, we ask that you let us know straight away so that we can take appropriate action.
Just ignore insults, because responding to them will result in both players being suspended from using chat.

How do I cancel my withdrawal request and have the amount credited back to my account?
During the validation process, you have the option to cancel your withdrawal request at any time. This can be done through the "Pending Withdrawals" section of "My Account". Cancelling a pending withdrawal request will result in the amount in question being credited back to your player account. If you can no longer see your request to withdraw, please contact us at support@turbopoker.fr

Receive all of our special offers and bonuses

In order to enjoy all of our bonuses and special offers, don't forget to use these simple suggestions to ensure that all of our emails arrive safely in your inbox! The easiest method is to add TurboPoker to your list of trusted senders on your email provider or anti-spam software.

Below you will find a list of our suggestions. Please note that certain options or menus may change but the methods remain almost identical:

ISPs and email providers

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How to Use a Bonus Code

Certain bonuses are activated when you enter a promotional code. If you have a bonus code, please follow these steps to receive your bonus:

Using a bonus code with a deposit
If you have a code to enter to receive a bonus on your next deposit, click on "Cashier" => "Deposit" => Select the payment method that you wish to use => Enter the bonus code in the "Promotional Code" field.

Bonus codes without deposits
Log into the TurboPoker software, click on "Cashier" => "My Account" => "Bonus". Enter the bonus code in the "Promotional Code" field and click on enter. Your bonus will be credited automatically.