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Tournament Basics

For poker lovers, tournaments are what poker is all about! It's the perfect chance to awaken your inner winner and to capitalise on your knowledge of poker. To beat your opponents, you will need to be quick, insightful, and have a game strategy. The stakes are high: in these tournaments, there is a lot of money to be made...


To register, you need to purchase chips and your right to participate, called a buy-in. You can register to take part in available tournaments from the home page. You will then be automatically directed to a table, and the one you are placed at is decided completely randomly.


Guaranteed Tournaments
As the name suggests, in this type of tournament, a certain prizepool is guaranteed by the poker room. For example, in a tournament where there's $50,000 guaranteed, players will share a minimum prizepool of $50,000, whatever happens. If there are not enough participants to reach the amount of the guaranteed prizepool, the difference will be covered by the poker room. On the other hand, if there are more than enough players to cover the prizepool, their buy-in will be added to the prizepool.


Multi-table Tournaments
Multi-table tournaments need a minimum of 12 players, who must register in advance. Due to the number of participants, the prizepools for these tournaments are generally big.  Players are progressively eliminated, and multiple tables are gradually reduced to one final table. The tournament ends when one of the active players has all the chips from the tournament.

Satellite Tournaments - (Qualifications)
Satellite tournaments may take place on either single or multi tables. Their name comes from the fact that they are connected with special tournaments. They allow players to win entry to other tournaments.

Sit'n'Go Tournaments
Unlike multi-tables, single table tournaments have a maximum of 10 players per table. The tournament starts as soon as the table is full. The play here is very fast-paced: the tournament is played without stopping until there's a winner. To be the winner at a single table, you need to have all the chips.
It is also worth noting that the multi-table tournament is a variant of the Sit'n'Go (SNG) tournament. There is no specific start time, the tournament starts when the table is full. Single table tournaments usually last for about one hour, whereas the multi-table tournaments last for several hours.